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The "CJP Foundation Event Registrations" website is your one stop portal to register for all CJP Safety & Education Foundation events. With this event website you are able to register for any of the active events that are upcoming and also have the ability to change or update your existing registration for any of the events.

The CJP Safety & Education Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization and shall operate exclusively for educational, charitable, scientific or literary purposes, or any combination of the foregoing, including without limitation:

  1. To promote flight safety for pilots of turbofan powered aircraft bearing the Textron Aviation (including any successor thereto) brand “Citation”.
  2. To contribute to the positive future of aviation through selected educational scholarships, including specifically aviation education scholarships for students seeking an aviation degree.
  3. To organize and support Citation owner, pilot and crew safety seminars.
  4. To host or sponsor an annual Citation Jet Pilot Safety Stand Down and distribute Citation safety content through the Citation Jet Pilot quarterly publication CJP Right Seat, or other similar publications, and at events throughout the year.
  5. To research the history of and ongoing safety issues affecting Citation operations and develop and promote recommended solutions.
Note: This is NOT the site to register for CJP Events like the CJP Annual Convention or regional events. If you are not currently a Citation Jet Pilots Association member and own or operate a Citation aircraft and would like to find out more about CJP please click here or go to: www.citationjetpilots.com.

Registering for CJP Foundation Events

IMPORTANT! The "CJP Foundation Event Registrations" website requires a separate profile to the Citation Jet Pilots Association website. In order to start registering for any of the upcoming CJP Foundation events you first have create a profile on this new website. Please click here to create your profile on the CJP Foundation Events website. Once you have created your profile you will receive an email confirmation and then you will be able to login and start registering for any of the events. If already you have a CJP Foundation Events profile, please click here to login.

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